Dangerous Dogs… ACT!

HHHi all,

A serious post for a change, we don’t have many here so listen up…

CumCum was attacked by a dog while walking near Notre Dame d’Afrique/Col de l’Esquillon in the Esterel, and she is currently ‘enjoying’ a course of anti-rabies jabs… this is what she put on FaceBook for those who didn’t see it…

Please share – dangerous dog who bit me, and the owners who conned me 

This happened to me around midday on Sunday 28th April. I was hiking with a friend and her 2 dogs in the Esterel between Notre Dame d’Afrique and Col de l’Esquillon on a narrow path. A Black German Shepherd dog on a lead was being held back by a middle aged man, while his wife warned us their dog was aggressive. We tried to pass with both dogs protected but the German Shepherd attacked me and bit deeply into my thigh. 

Although obviously shocked, in pain and with blood pouring out of my leg, the man with the dog became very defensive of himself and his dog but offered me his phone number which l noted. His wife told me their name, I doubled checked both and then they suddenly rushed off. Now it appears the name and number were false

Of course with hindsight I should have at least taken photos of them and the dog, demanded the carnet de santé for the dog etc etc. Mainly demanded to see and photograph their ID. 

According to the gendarmes one has the right to demand ID of anyone if a crime has been commited BUT in reality all you want to do is go and in this case get medical treatment. 

As I now have no idea where this dog comes from I’ve been advised to have the rabies shots.. For info if ever this happens to you, you have to go to a special place in Cimiez, Nice for 3 separate appointments. Not at all pleasant and no doubt expensive. That on top of antibiotics etc etc.. 

Obviously I have made a complaint to my local Gendarmerie but I feel it unlikely these people will be found. 

So please if anyone in this area sees a middle aged couple with a very dangerous looking Black German Shepherd dog on a lead, take a photo of all 3 and publish on this link or send to me via messenger, or if near their car or villa make a note, take a photo. We are convinced it’s happened before, it WILL happen again, and that they are local to this area. 

Thank you

And here is some extra info on the perps…

Couple mid 60s very well dressed. Not tall.

Her short very blonde hair.

Dog really dark and menacing looking on a strong lead.

But man could not contain the dog. Dog doesn’t like other dogs and we think the dog was trying to get to our dogs, but via through my leg!

The Cimiez hospital told me this morning that they receive a lot of people who had false contact info given to them. That’s why you need their official ID and in France you are obliged to carry it.

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