RUN Report #955 – Sadist, Pilchard and the Alien Invasion of Vence!

Hares: Sadist And Pilchard

Starting in the depths of the forests of Vence, outside a cemetery, our rather small group gathered for another sizzling Hash run/walk.

Our hares, Sadist guiding the walkers and Pilchard attempting to guide the walkers set out on a twisty falsie filled event. 

Under the careful scrutiny of the pompiers, we set off into the tinderbox of the forest.

Smelly Poo immediately showed her form and left all the other runners in her dust. As we encountered a tricky check with numerous possibilities a gracious Pilchard subtly indicated the correct direction, or we would have been there for an hour or so looking for the trail. On on and and away to the next check. Buns, headstrong, assumed incorrectly a lazy falsie, and Pilchard was again enlisted to shepard her back to the pack. Eventually the runners and walkers briefly met up and then we staggered uphill out of the shade of the forest, into the shimmering heat of city roads. 

Here we were stunned by and alien space ship, but no worries, we all ran so fast the none of us were probed!

The Aline craft was spotted, despite its camouflage

After that terrifying encounter off we went on a perpetual uphill until we realised we weren’t on trail. A mystifying semi covered blob of flour sent us up and up until we realised we were running blind. After consulting with Pilchard, we finally encountered the real trail and we chugging along until we encountered the great pumpkin patch

A pod that will be a human clone was growing near the ship.

As there was no sign of Charlie Brown or Linus, off we trudged under the glowering Baou of Vence. Here we sighted a Mansion perfectly situated to make us all feel inadequate. Oh well, we should, as Hashers, be used to this feeling.

The Alien base, disguised as a luxury mansion.

We finally encountered the walkers again, and soon saw the blessed oasis of the beer check. Situated on a busy roundabout with Giraffes overlooking the puzzled drivers, we greedily poured the beers down our parched throats. Pilchard was so out of it he mistakenly guzzled a non-alcoholic beer, and produced some disgusting sound to indicate his disgust. 

The walkers and runners, now nourished, proceed on their way with slightly changed numbers as Buns faded into a walker.

A nice ramble back into the woods finally led us back past the vigilant pompiers, where we circled up and assessed the run/walk

The Aliens who have taken over the bodies of Hashers

I can’t remember all the down downs, but it seem to me that Buns had apparently committed numerous infractions.

We finally brought out chairs and meals and enjoyed a picnic. Pre-stressed kindly brought along some shrimp salad to share (as well and the always appreciated gin and tonics)

Iron Lady also brought a couple or desserts for all to enjoy.

Another successful hash cums to and end!

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