When and Where is the next One?

Run 971– CONTESSA and JOBSWORTH’s Pilgrimage Run

Date: Sunday 6th March 2022

Time: 09:30 for 10:00 start

Hares: Contessa and Jobsworth

Where:  Notre Dame de Laghet, near La Turbie

Bon Soir! 

It’s about time we hustle up some miracles! 

Our next Hash is meeting at the Monastery known for miracles, Notre Dame de Laghet. 

3 kms below La Turbie. See below for full Directions. 

Hares Contessa & Jobsworth, 

Meet at 9:30, Start at 10:00

So give yourself driving time, wherever you are coming from.

Featuring a Birthday Cake for this Hare who is getting old (er),  thus referred to as the ‘Over the Hill’ Hash.  (see photo, ‘Ten Years After...’  and this isn’t Woodstock) 
Bummer, as we used to say…but the Rolling Stones are older than me and still touring so I can manage to set a Hash. 

Our meal will be in the Hotellerie of the Monastery. A great price only €16 !! Lunch at 1pm. 

Served by the Nuns so be on your best behaviour!

The Ghost of Co-Hares Past (Padre with a bloody hand, you may remember) will be roaming around too, as we set a Hash here in 2018.

And we may even coax Pedo to make a special appearance! …us ‘Ole Timers, we stick together…
and the Holy Spirit said he would be there too, getting into the spirit! 

So this gives you time to ruminate about and prioritize your Miracles request. 
Don’t all talk at once…! 

See you Sunday! 


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