When and Where is the next One?

Run 973– No Satisfaction and MalcolmNN

Run 973 Monumental Super Cannes Tour

Hares : No Satisfaction and MalcolmNN

Contact: No Satisfaction

Tel: 0617401343


Time: 10:00 for 10:30

Meeting Point:

Parking Pont de L‘Aube,

Aire de Covoiturage

Avenue de la Liberte (D6007)

Golfe Juan Vallauris


Location : What three words ///paves.tawdry.hearty

(43.563942N,7.067764E : 43° 33′ 50.1912” N,7° 4′ 3.9504” E)

On In:

Lunch will be at 14:00 in the restaurant

‚La Cucina‘,

63 , Avenue des Freres Roustan,

(Bord de la Mer),

06220 Golfe Juan Vallauris

Main Course,

Desert and one glass of wine:

Price: 25 Euros


Exit 44, A8, and follow the signs to the centre of Golfe Juan.

Follow the signs on the ‚D6007’ through Golfe Juan (Avenue de la Liberte) in the direction of Cannes.

As you approach the roundabout at the exit of ´Golfe Juan‘ going towards Cannes, the co-voiturage ‚

Parking Pont de l‘Aube’ is on your right,

50 m after the traffic sign indicating the roundabout.

If you miss the entrance, just go round the roundabout and back again. The restaurant is 700 m or 15 minutes walk from the parking, so you can leave your car here.

Please Note: Do not leave any valuables visible in your car.


Both trails are entirely on small urban roads. Although technically easy, the roads can be sometimes steep or very steep.

Hope to see you there!

Tel: 0617401343


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