When and Where is the next One?

Run 968 – Annual All You Can Eat Chinese Haggis Hunt New Year!

Date: Sunday 23rd January 2022

Time: 10:00 for 10:30 start

Hares: Smelly Pooh and the Pilchard

Where:  Mandelieu, Geant Casino car park

Why:  To commemorate the Birthday of the Great Scottish poet, Robbie Burns.

Wear: Your best Tartan, Jimmy Wigg and Sporran.


Come off at A8 J40, stay in the left lane and turn left following signs to Theoule sur Mer.

Then continue straight though the traffice lights, under the motorway bridge, over the 1st roundabout, over the 2nd (Golfers!) roundabout then after about 300m feed off to the right and into the Geant Casino car park, at the very end of Castorama side.

Near here https://w3w.co/dividers.sixpack.staked

As this is to celebrate the Birthday of Robert Burns running fuel will be supplied before the start, and we will, if we catch the little buggers, be having a traditional Scottish meal after the exercise.

Covid has interrupted our Haggis supply chain so a substitute will be served BEFORE the resto.

The restaurant will be ‘La mer bleue” in les Tourrades, it is a buffet for 20 euros, they close at 2.30pm.

All you can eat but buy your own drinks!

“Le Mer Bleue”

Allee Maryse Bastié

06150 Cannes


Please let Smelly Pooh know if you plan to cum to the Resto


When and Where is the next One?

Riviera Hash House Harriers Run 967 on Sunday 9th January


Meet at 10h00 for 10h30 in Biot

The Volcanoes of Biot

Time: 10:30am for a 11:00 start (TBC resto is a bit vague)

Where: below Biot village, next to the fire station.

ONON: Le Piccolo in Biot old town. The same place we used for the AGPU in the summer and Jobsworth’s last Hash in Biot.

it will be ‘a la carte’ so eat/drink as much or as little as you want!

Its an extinct volcano, honest!

This is a post-Christmas walk/run so a good chance to burn off your excessive eating/drinking for the last two weeks.

Walkers, bring poles if you have them, its not Bargemon but you will be climbing up and down a volcano (yes, really..)  But it won’t explode, probably.

It is a longer than normal event but we need the extra exercise right?


W3W https://w3w.co/rather.bounded.unwell

Car Park next to the Biot Fire Station 515 Chemin des Combes, Biot

CAR Head for Biot, 

From the coast/N7, take Route de la Mer 2.3 Km from the N7 roundabout  i.e. past Marine Land then bear RIGHT before just Biot 3000 mini commercial centre, then its about 515m from the Route de la Mer, down chemin des Combes.

From the A8, get off at the Antibes/Cannes junction and follow signs to Biot, turn right at the Carrefour des Chappes (roundabout) onto the Route des Colles wind down the hilltop the roundabout at the bottom of the hill, turn right onto the Route d’Antibes, the golf course will be on both sides of the road, turn left at the next roundabout onto Chemin de la Romaine then turn left onto the Route de la Mer towards Biot village and then after 1 km turn right just before Biot 3000 as above.

Use the W3W link its easier than my crappy directions.


TRAIN to Biot SNCF station then Bus 10 to Biot 3000 and walk 515 m along Chemin des Combes.



Mobile +33


On our last hash in Biot we had a topless runner, please only do this if you can at least match the quality of the below.

Might be a bit chilly

When and Where is the next One?

Riviera Hash House Harriers Run 966 on Sunday 26th December

Meet at 10h00 for 10h30 in Jardin/Garden Hector Cendo, Nice

Iron Lady’s Antidote to Christmas

Contact the hare Iron Lady to confirm your place for the ONON.email: 

margaret.pianti@gmail.com or mobile: +33(0)623227305

On Tuesday I’ll be discussing with the manager about menu selections & pricing. Open 7/7 from 7h to 23h non stop this Brasserie has always ample selection from either the menu or plat du jour offers, both with reasonable pricing. 

Meeting info:

Time: 10:30am for a cherry Boxing Day warm up Mince pies provided by TM SMT accompanied with hare’s mull wine11am for R & W trail start

Place: Jardin/Garden Hector Cendo Nearby free street parking on Sunday suggestions:Ave Aime Martin/Ave de Bellet/Bld Edouard Herriot/Ave California 

ONON: Brasserie Magnan 1 Ave de la California 0493865565

From the meeting & circle in Hector Cendo garden to the Brasserie is a gentle 1km stroll. Hare’s suggestion is on arrival to park your car nearby – Ave Aime Martin, Ave Bellet or Bd California to avoid additional searches for/or changing parking space. 


CAR from A8 autoroute exit 50 Nice West OPTIONS ARE:

A Voie Rapide Pierre Mathis

Left at fork direction Monaco/Menton/Nice-Center/Nice-Est/PortContinue on Voie Mathis/Voie Pierre Mathis/Voie RapideExit Magnan/La MadeleineContinue on Ave Gloria, turn left onto Ave de Bellet. Continue briefly on Bd de la Madeleine and turn left onto Bd Carlone. Then Left onto Ave de Bellet and right onto Ave Aime Martin. Jard Hector Cendo will be on the right.

Promenade des Anglais

Right at fork and left lane onto Promenade des Anglais direction Nice.Keep to two right lanes ’til pass Nice airportAt Lenval Hospital turn left onto Promenade des Anglais direction Airport then right into Avenue Fabron. Cross tram lines, pass under voie rapide and slightly right into Bd de Cambrai. Turn right at the roundabout onto Bd Edouard Herriot. Then right onto Bd Magnan and almost immediately slightly right onto Jard Hector Cendo.
TRAIN to Nice centre ville station then tram (line 1 to Jean Medicin & line 2 to Magnan)


Mood: R overstuffed & W energeticDress: red / green combinations highly prized

ONON: green pass

Margaret Pianti
Mobile+33 6 2322 7305 Fixed+334 22 805 309

When and Where is the next One?

HARES: ‘No Satisfaction’ and ´Pilchard’

WHEN: Sunday, 14 November, 2021 Meet 10:00 for 10:30

WHERE: ‘Parc Vigier’ entrance

21-23, Blvd. Franck Pilatte,

06300 Nice, France


This 3 word address refers to an exact 3m x 3m location. Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it.


‘Pogue Mahone’ Trail Factor:

The fact is ‘Pogue Mahone’ might go straight to the restaurant


At least ‘39 Steps’  x ‘N’ x ‘what goes up must come down up’ – with mostly bannisters

Run. :  Definitely a run

Scenic trails with points of cultural interest – and a bit of a groove.
The first half is more like two/thirds of the trail.

Both trails scrutinised and audited by our ´Military Logistics and Welfare Task Force’.


‘Park Vigier’ is situated between  ‘Le San Juan’, our restaurant, and
the ‘Club Nautique’ on ‘Boulevard Franck Pilatte,

Parking on road and in side-streets is free on Sundays

Or, if you prefer:

Car-parks:  10 mins walk from starting point and reasonably priced
On western side of the Port
– Parking du Phare – opposite war memorial.
– Parking Lympia – underground in digue

Or, take the (red) Tram number ‘2’ which runs from the airport and the last stop is Nice Port (‘Port Lympia’).
Then walk 5 minutes.

By car:

There are many routes to the starting point and it is probably best you look up your own route to get to the  eastern side of the of Nice Port.
A turn off either ‘Rue Arson’  or ‘ Boulevard Stalingrad’,  will lead round the Eastern side port and along into ‘Boulevard Franck Pilatte’.

‘Boulevard Franck Pilatte’ is where the ‘Corsica Ferries’ disembarks from Corsica.

If coming along ‘Promenade des Anglais’, from Antibes’, you are now forced to turn into ‘Boulevard Jean Jaures’ and follow the (clear) sign posts to the Port.


We dine at ´Le San Juan, 7, Boulevard Franck Pilatte, 06300 Nice, around 13:30.


A choice of meat or fish,  plus dessert, one glass of wine and a coffee.

All yours for 25 euros (as in 2017)

See you there?
´On On’
No Satz and Pilchard



When and Where is the next One?

Riviera Hash House Harriers Run 961 on Sunday 31st October

Meet at 10h00 for 10h30 in Fontanette parking at the foot of Biot village

Jobsworth and No Satisfaction’s Halloween Horrors

It’s Halloween and the clocks will go back by one hour on Sunday morning so you will have the treat of an extra hour in bed followed by a trail in the haunted forest around Biot.

Where :              Fontanette Car Park at the foot of Biot Village

When :               10h00 for 1030

OnOn :               Le Piccolo, Biot Village (as used for the AGPU).


What3Words ///reuse.changer.palace (English)

                           ///hangar.formatrice.crémeuse (French)

Coming from the A8 – Exit 44 towards Antibes & Sophia Antipolis. Follow the signs for D535 towards Sophia Antipolis. Once away from the A8 gyratory system, take the D535 dual carriageway uphill over several roundabouts until you reach “Carrefour des Chappes”. Turn right here onto the D504 “Route des Colles”. Follow this road as it squiggles all the way down the hill. Once at the bottom, turn left for 200 metres (Biot village will be directly in front of you). Turn right 200 metres later onto Chemin de la Fontanette. Park in the big car park.

Coming from Valbonne and beyond – In Valbonne, take the D4 “Route de Biot”. Follow all the way until you reach Biot village. The road will turn downhill sharp right and, about 200 metres later, sharp left, with the village to your left. Turn right at the traffic lights onto “Route d’Antibes”. Continue straight for 400 metres and turn left into Chemin de la Fontanette just after L’Ovive restaurant.

HHHealth and Safety

To remind you of the Pogue MaH’ometer assessment for Sunday:

Length of trail 3/5 (scored very objectively by me)

Difficulty of trail IF dry 3/5 (see above)

Difficulty of trail if wet a slippery 3/5 on condition that you bring appropriate shoes (no flip flops, except, for Philippe F-lop who is always welcome) and poles.

Difficulty if you don’t follow the advice “I told you so/5”

Difficulty of ascent – This is the Riviera. Go to Holland if you want a flat hash.

As it will be Halloween, please provide your own garlic, incense and wooden stakes to ward off bad spirits.

Prizes of out of date crisps and that beer nobody wants to drink for the best dressed Halloween hashers.

A halloween costume suggestion than nobody should be seen in from our favorite Canadian racist!

When and Where is the next One?

You talk like Marlene Dietrich
And you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire
Your clothes are all made by Balmain
And there's diamonds and pearls in your hair
When you go on your summer vacation
You go to…
Maganosc, Bargemon, not just Juan les Pins!

Next Hash – Run 960 Bargemon 10:00 for 10:30 start

H3 Trail Invitation
Hash 960, 17 Oct 2021
Where Next my Lovelies?

Hares: Pullit & Lonely  

And next up on Riviera Hash bucket list of dreams is Bargemon, medieval town tucked beneath cyclists’ challenge Col de Bel’homme. Don’t worry we won’t climb as high as the goats (though you may distantly smell the billies!)

Are you looking at my Nannies?

Our trails for runners & walkers will start in the town. Walkers will be ferried by car out of town to synchronise our meeting at drinkstop from a recently constructed point du vue. A few runners will be asked to carry minimal refreshment, we meet for the company & view (poles could be useful). We return to the car park for circle then lunch in the town centre, 2pm.

Our Lunch venue not our Car Park!

START 10 for 10:30am at Car Park near village centre, Bargemon 83830, to be confirmed according to numbers.  

Directions: Head for main church in the town, Eglise Saint-Etienne either on D25 (via Callas) or D55 (via Clavier)

If you want to eat lunch, you must confirm by noon on Friday 15th Oct, so restaurant can shop for us before weekend.

This is absolutely NOT Pullit taking her dog for a walk….

When and Where is the next One?

Next Hash – Run 959 – Bois de Gourdon Pre Du Lac 10:00 for 10:30 start

Hashy birthday Iron Lady!

Hare: Buns the KILLER HARE!!!

Octoberfest is upon us!

Put on your best dirndls on  and your tight lederhosen and we’ll party the afternoon away in our Italian themed french run restaurant to celebrate a German drinking tradition?!

Let’s gather at 10:00 for a 10:30 start at the Bois de Gourdon off the D3 (before Gourdon)

Lunch will again be at the very popular Capriccio Restaurant. Fixed menu (with a degree of flexibility. Yes SMT we will have a vegetarian option for you!

I need to have everyone who plans to dine with us to let me know if they will dine with us so I can prepare the restaurant.

If you are going to the restaurant after the hash, Please respond by email to: inordahlnc@gmail.com

To get to the run site and the restaurant:

We have a couple of options. As the parking area at the run start point isn’t huge, carpooling from Pre du lac, where the restaurant is located is a good option. It’s up to you and your friends to organize this.

A) meet at or near the Capriccio restaurant for parking, and then carpool up to the starting point at the Bois de Gourdon

What Three Words for the Capriccio restaurant – drowsing.condoned.exhaustion

B) Meet at the Bois de Bourdon for the start of the run

Sorry for the last minute change of run Location, but due to the presence of a large hunting group, we were forced to find new territory to avoid being shot! Our new starting location has been used by me in previous hashes, so many of you will be familiar with this location.

The What Three Word is:

It is located just south of the Pre Du lac Post office.

Another reference point is it is across the street on a side lane from the Costamanga in Pre Du Lac.

This is very close to the the Capriccio restaurant, so we could leave our cars here and walk to the restaurant if you choose.

To get there from Antibes…

follow the road to Biot, Valbonne, on the D3 go via Opio and then direction Chateauneuf (Pre du Lac) the Costamagna is on your right.

At this roundabout take the 3 exit (heading back south and you will see the post office veer right on the small back road to the parking area.

From Nice…

take the A8, and exit at Villeneuve-Loubet, stay right and follow the D2085 through Roquefort les Pins and Le Rouret. When you get to Pre Du Lac, take the 4th exit (heading south) towards the post office, take the first exit and veer right onto the small back road to the parking area.

10:00 gathering for 10:30 start

Thanks, Buns/Ingrid 06 82 11 80 78

Please make sure you email me if you intend to eat at the restaurant.

Look forward to seeing all our friends in their worst German attire to celebrate Octoberfest!


If you have any questions or get lost en route. My number is: 06 82 11 80 78

OnOn! Buns (Ingrid)

When and Where is the next One?

This week, your HARES ‘No Satisfaction’ and ‘Pilchard’ invite you for an outing in the area of Juan les Pins.

Our HASH coincides with the ‘European Heritage Weekend’  so thanks to be respectful when charging around any cherished cultural sites.

When: Sunday 19, September, 2021

Time:   10:00 for  10:30

Where: The park next to ‘Chateau de la Pinede’,

15, Avenue Edmond d’Esclevin
016160 Juan les Pins

On-In:  Lunch 13:30

L’Escale Restaurant, 8, Bd. Edouard Baudoin, 06160 Juan les Pins


Price: 25 euros

Starter/main-course, large glass of wine. 
There is a vegetarian option

The restaurant is walking distance from our starting point, so  no need to move your car.

Interested??? Of course you are and to get swept back in time.. see below!

‘Where do you go to, my Lovelies?’ (Quote: Peter Sarstedt 1969)


What three words:


If you don’t use the ‘What 3 Words’ app – then try these instructions – at your peril:

From Autoroute 8, Exit  ‘44’
Follow the signs to ‘Juan les Pins’ (D35 bis), green signs.

At the ‘Rondpoint Antibes les Pins’ (with McDonald’s on your right) –
turn left towards ‘Juan les Pins’ (white sign) along ‘Avenue de Cannes’
After ca 3 km, the road splits and there is no sign post, but bear right into ‘Bd Raymond Poincare’ towards Juan centre.

Keep on this road ca 2 km then turn right into ‘avenue Admiral Courbet’ following signs to ‘centre ville’, ‘Palais de Congres’ and ‘Office du Tourisme’.

At the roundabout turn left onto the sea road ‘Avenue Guy de Maupassant’.

If you follow the signs to ‘Palais de Congres’ and the ‘Office du Tourisme’ you will notice the road becomes ‘Bd du Président Wilson’, then right into ‘Bd Baptistin Ardisson’

At the roundabout in front of the big new ‘Palais de Congres’ turn left into ‘Chemin des Sables’ then after ca 200 m, right into ‘Avenue Edmond d’Esclevin’.

Find the chateau, at number 15 on your left, see the park entrance and park anywhere in that street or the next left, ‘Rue Albany’.

We start quite early, so there should be parking spaces.  Generally parking on the pavements is tolerated here, if you leave some space for pedestrians to pass.

Hope to see you there!

No Satisfaction + Pilchard

Mobile: 0617401343

When and Where is the next One?

R*N 9xx – Flaming September?

Date: September 5th, 2021

Where –  Back of Beyond Montaroux

Your Hares: Prestressed and Pilchard!

Meeting time –  at 11.00 for 11.30 Start

Join us for a memorable Hash in the beautiful forest of Montauroux.

Our restaurant choice will be hosting more than 130 fishermen on Sunday, so let’s be the ones that “got away”, and hold our own bring your own picnic in the forest. The setting is idyllic shady forest, but completely au-naturel, so make sure to bring picnic accoutrements, such as chairs, picnic blankets, etc. And your own food of course.

Location:       WhatThreeWords – motors.repack.enhanced (directions below)

Contact:         06 2813 6759


In order to avoid the wash away gullies on the route that your GPS will take you, amended route directions are below

A8 Exit 39 Direction Fayence/Montauroux

After 8.5km, Roundabout 2nd Exit Direction Montauroux
After 3.5km, Pass Through Montauroux Village
IGNORE Road to Left to Callian, Straight onto Rue Sainte-Brigitte
After 200m, Left onto Chemin du Puits
After 300m, Roundabout, Straight onto Bd du Belvedere
After 700m,  Ignore Chemin de l’Affama on left
Follow Bd du Belvedere
After 800m Turn Left onto Chemin du Clos du Roland
Continue for 700m (final 200m on smooth gravel)
Enter Forest Clearing and Park near Large Green Water Tank.

A8 Exit 39 Direction Fayence/Montauroux
After 8.5km, Roundabout 2nd Exit Direction Montauroux
After 3.5km, Pass Through Montauroux Village
IGNORE Road to Left to Callian, Straight onto Rue Sainte-Brigitte
After 200m, Left onto Chemin du Puits

After 300m, Roundabout, Straight onto Bd du Belvedere
After 700m, Left onto Chemin de l’Affama
Follow Road to Right onto Chemin des Clauveaux
After 800m Gravel Road Care! Gullies
Enter Forest Clearing and Park near Large Green Water Tank.

Please let Prestressed know (prestressed@gmail.com) if you plan to attend



+336 2813 6759
+339 8755 4045
+4479 0359 7104

Remember: The On On will be a bring your own picnic, plus something to share if you feel generous

When and Where is the next One?

R*N 959 – Feeling Hot Hot Hot in the Forest

Date: July 22nd, 2021

Where –  Woods near Roquefort-les-Pins

Your Hares: Supermarket Trolley but no Pilchard!

Meeting time –  at 09.30 for 10.00 prompt start

HHHi All

There has been a slight change of plan, SMT will be the hare for this Sunday’s Hash, with Perpetual Motion setting his Hash a little later in the year.


Hash: Sunday 22 August – Roquefort-les-Pins (9h30 for 10h00 start)

Hare – Supermarket Trolley – m.

The Hash on Sunday, August 22nd ,  will start from the Parc Sinodon (where we had a Hash picnic last July), behind College Cesar, which is opposite Stade Jean Chiappe (from where we have started a number of Hashes in the past), on Route de Roquefort (D204), between Rouquefort-les-Pins and Valbonne.  

9h30 for 10h00 start.

The trail will be in all in the forest with plenty of shade and not much climbing. Walkers, bring hiking poles if you have them.

The On On will be a bring your own picnic, plus something to share if you feel generous, there is a designated picnic area next to the parking, bring chairs and picnic mats if you have them, in case the picnic tables are already taken.

Pasta in my Pants would like to join us, but needs a lift from the Nice area. If you can oblige, please liaise with him at the email address. paolo_castelli@yahoo.it


What3 Words, near to willows.duplicates.eagerly

From Nice direction, exit A8 at Antibes, take the Route de Parc towards Sophia Antipolis, go straight over the traffic lights in Sophia, 200 m later go straight over Bouillides roundabout with big wooden arches, after 2 km go straight over roundabout,  after a further 2 km you will come to the Forum roundabout, with the Blue Lavande Hotel straight ahead, turn right at this roundabout going towards Valbonne on Route de Cannes (D3).

Just as you approach the old village of Valbonne, you will see the new Marie on the right, take the next right turn onto Avenue de Pierrefeu , with the Church on the right. At the end of this road is a roundabout, go straight ahead in the direction of Roquefort-les-Pins on the Route de Nice / Route de Roquefort (D204) , after 1.5 km you will pass the English Garden Centre on the right on a sharp bend. After 1.5 km you will come to 2 mini roundabouts very close together, with the College Cesar on the left and Stade Jean Chiappe on the right, at the second roundabout turn left following sign to Parc Sinodon, behind College Cesar, for 300 m to the parking area.

From Biot, take the Route de Valbonne (D4) towards Valbonne, after approx. 4 km you will pass the Domaine Val d’Azur on the right, after 50 m you will come to a roundabout with a giant iron man painted  blue and yellow. Take the left exit (D4), after 100 m  you will come to a roundabout with a telecommunication centre on the right, take the second exit (D4) towards Valbonne.

After 0.5 km you will come to a roundabout with the Lycee Simone Veil on the right, take the second exit heading towards Valbonne. After 1 km you will come to another roundabout, take the right exit heading towards Roquefort-les-Pins on the Route de Nice / Route de Roquefort (D204), after 1.5 km you will pass the English Garden Centre on the right, on a sharp bend. After 1.5 km you will come to 2 mini roundabouts  very close together, with the College Cesar on the left and Stade Jean Chiappe on the right, at the second roundabout turn left following sign to Parc Sinodon, behind College Cesar, for 300 m to the parking area.

From Grasse direction, at Chateauneuf take the Route de Nice (D2085) all the way through to Roquefort-les-Pins, approximately 4 km, at the roundabout with Intermarche straight ahead, take the right exit onto the D507 , Intermarche will now be on your left. At the roundabout in 200 m, take the right exit onto the D204, at the roundabout after 500 m, with the College Cesar on the right and Stade Jean Chiappe on the left, turn right following sign to Parc Sinodon, behind College Cesar, for 300 m to the parking area.

On On