Christmas R*n 1 – The Jocks are Cumming!!!

PRE-LUBE HASH – Saturday

Tell Padre if you are 

Cumming/Running/Walking on the prelube

Place- Time: 14:15 for 15:00 start

Parking for Relais du Lac Hotel, RD562

83440 Montauroux.

Bonsware everyone , As the next run is on Saturday 30th. November it may be appropriate to honour our Scottish contingent anddress appropriately to commemorate St. Andrew their patron saint.

Tartan, sporrans and Jimmy wigs, but 

No bagpipes please.



Even if you are not attending the after Festivities you can still come along and have an afternoons Hashing for the sum of

€5 if you are a member

€7 if not.

Special drinks menu available!!

When and Where is the next One?

Its a sign!

Run 915 – Prey du Lac

Date:      Sunday 22nd September 2019 

Time:      09:30 for 10:00 start, prompt!

Where:     Parking lot for the Le Capriccio restaurant, Pre du Lac

HHHi all,

Buns is setting her 2nd RHHH trail and to make things easier we will be starting at the resto carpark… see below

Meet a the parking lot for the Le Capriccio restaurant

Address: 20 Cheminde L’Hubac 06740 Chateauneuf.

W3W map location:

(The restaurant is very close to the hamlet of Pre du Lac. It is not up the hill in Chateauneuf – This is very close to the starting point of the last run we set).

Meet at 9:30 am for a 10:00am start

We will dine at the Le Capriccio at 1:00pm

Please see attached menu for 20 Euros each. (Does not include alcoholic beverages)

We each get

a starter AND main
a main AND dessert 

The restaurant has asked that we order in advance, so everyone who is attending, please submit you choices by Thursday September 19th. 

Choix d’entrées

–        Petite tomate mozzarella
–        Salade melon et jambon

Choix de plats
–        Reine Pizza
–        Brochette de bœuf sauce au poivre vert ou bleu d’auvergne
–        Plancha de saumon sauce vierge

Choix de desserts
–        Tarte fine aux pommes
–        Glace deux boules

Email Buns at:

Please RSVP and provide meal choices

Look forward to seeing everyone!


Buns the Killer Hare

When and Where is the next One?

Run 914 – Days of Future Pissed with Procol

Procul before he started Hashing

HHHi everyone

Below you will find details of the next hash on Sunday 8th September.

Start time: 14.30 for 15.00 start.

Meeting place: The parking Fontmerle near L’Etang de Fontmerle in Mougins

Directions: Leave autoroute A8 at exit 42 Cannes Grasse and take the penetrante direction Grasse. After 1.7km, take the exit for Antibes. 1.1km later about 20 metres after the roundabout, turn right into Avenue de Grasse and then 2nd right into Promenade de L’Etang. Continue 1km through two steps of oversized bollards until you find the Parking Fontmerle on your right.

What could be simpler?

What 3 words.
The run will be relatively flat and shady with the temperature turned down a notch or two from recent hashes. The On On will be at the Mesclun with starters, main, deserts, wine and coffee for 22€

Hope to see you there

On On

Dangerous Dogs… ACT!

HHHi all,

A serious post for a change, we don’t have many here so listen up…

CumCum was attacked by a dog while walking near Notre Dame d’Afrique/Col de l’Esquillon in the Esterel, and she is currently ‘enjoying’ a course of anti-rabies jabs… this is what she put on FaceBook for those who didn’t see it…

Please share – dangerous dog who bit me, and the owners who conned me 

This happened to me around midday on Sunday 28th April. I was hiking with a friend and her 2 dogs in the Esterel between Notre Dame d’Afrique and Col de l’Esquillon on a narrow path. A Black German Shepherd dog on a lead was being held back by a middle aged man, while his wife warned us their dog was aggressive. We tried to pass with both dogs protected but the German Shepherd attacked me and bit deeply into my thigh. 

Although obviously shocked, in pain and with blood pouring out of my leg, the man with the dog became very defensive of himself and his dog but offered me his phone number which l noted. His wife told me their name, I doubled checked both and then they suddenly rushed off. Now it appears the name and number were false

Of course with hindsight I should have at least taken photos of them and the dog, demanded the carnet de santé for the dog etc etc. Mainly demanded to see and photograph their ID. 

According to the gendarmes one has the right to demand ID of anyone if a crime has been commited BUT in reality all you want to do is go and in this case get medical treatment. 

As I now have no idea where this dog comes from I’ve been advised to have the rabies shots.. For info if ever this happens to you, you have to go to a special place in Cimiez, Nice for 3 separate appointments. Not at all pleasant and no doubt expensive. That on top of antibiotics etc etc.. 

Obviously I have made a complaint to my local Gendarmerie but I feel it unlikely these people will be found. 

So please if anyone in this area sees a middle aged couple with a very dangerous looking Black German Shepherd dog on a lead, take a photo of all 3 and publish on this link or send to me via messenger, or if near their car or villa make a note, take a photo. We are convinced it’s happened before, it WILL happen again, and that they are local to this area. 

Thank you

And here is some extra info on the perps…

Couple mid 60s very well dressed. Not tall.

Her short very blonde hair.

Dog really dark and menacing looking on a strong lead.

But man could not contain the dog. Dog doesn’t like other dogs and we think the dog was trying to get to our dogs, but via through my leg!

The Cimiez hospital told me this morning that they receive a lot of people who had false contact info given to them. That’s why you need their official ID and in France you are obliged to carry it.

R*n Report 891

Post Party Christmas Run in the Sun

Christmas party r*nners assemble! Question is, who comes dressed as Dracula to a Christmas Hash???

After the excesses at Les Terraces the night before, the Hash was not in the mood for more excessive exercise which was fortunate as there was a champagne breakfast to ease us into the day’s exertions.

I’m not asleep… I’m training for the after lunch activity

Also, luckily for all present, Prestressed and Skinny Ah-So had a bottomless supply of champagne. Allegedly, Prestressed had found a credit card with PIN number down the back of the sofa and went to town in Lidl.

We are not sure who’s card it was but Sneaky Bastard just checked his online bank statement …

After a few drinks…

We set off, the chalk talk was suitably brief with one Hare just telling us to ‘get a bloody move on’. This Hare was Perpetual Motion in case anyone has forgotten. 

Butter wouldn’t melt….

There were two hares which sometimes causes confusion but in this case we all knew what we were supposed to do….

Caption quiz… who said?

Is that flour on your hand?
Do we shout On-On now?
What day is it?
Is this a Hash?

The trail led up then up some more and then up a little bit, until it was totally up itself. At the top, a falsie gave a grinning Supermarket Trolley the chance to show us a very nice cross she had found. It was perfectly formed and had been lovingly placed there by the Hare and she was very keen that we all see it!

SMT – It was ‘this big’- Pilchard – ‘tasty’!

At this point the pack split, with some finding trail leading away from the check and others found another check in the opposite direction. The first set of splitters were technically short cutters but this was the real trail (really? – Ed).

Fortunately, there was a regroup check only a few km later and we were all able argue who were the short cutters and who were just stupid.

After a short break for photos, we moved on for a second half which was sometimes hard to follow…

I say old chap, has anyone seen a check? big white round thing.

After negotiating a fiendish Gispert loop we passed a picturesque view of Callian where Cumalot and Heavy Pants had allegedly spent time avoiding the pre-party Hash the day before.


After a pleasant jog through Montaroux village we headed back to the start and prepared for the circle…. and as Perpetual Motion often states, preparation is everything.

The circle was eventful since JoyceNN had mentioned about the ‘nice old man’ she had met on the Bordighera Hash in the summer but couldn’t remember what he looked like. Since we have so many ‘nice old men’ on RHHH, we had to have a line up to determine who it was.

The Unusual Suspects

After eliminating several candidates based on oldness, niceness, manness and eventually hairiness, it was decided that Perpetual Motion was the nice old man though it was doubted that he was even in Bordighera that day but it could have been a case of mistaken identity…

Cum here my luverly

And to add to the jollity, there were two namings.

Visitors JoyceNN became Wash’n Blow and DavidNN became 2 Clean 2 Hash. Our main arbiter of taste, Padre, was against both namings so they were voted in unaminously (no they weren’t – ed)

Other DownDows were….

Partying but not Hashing:-

  • Heavy Pants
  • Sneaky Bastard
  • Rubber Maid
  • The Bag
  • 2 Clean 2 Hash
  • Wash’n Blow
  • Sinex
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Haggisimo (?)
  • PHD

Standing on a Check

  • Pilchard
  • Supermarket Trolley

Shortcutting Barstards

  • Tight Wad
  • Cumalot


  • No Grappa
  • Cumalot
  • Sneaky Bastard
  • Sinex
  • Long and Hard
  • Supermarket Trolley
  • Duchess of Cambridge

Virgin Abuse – Lonely

New Shoes – Drag Anchor

Drag Anchor was never quieter all year…

Leaving Circle Early – Perpetual Motion

Singers (must have been an awful song!)

  • Julie NN
  • Lonely
  • Farty Bum

Shit of the Week nominations

  • Cumalot – missing first r*n
  • Heavy Pants – also missing first r*n (strange co-incidence)
  • Pilchard – ‘renting ‘ Decathlon wet weather gear
And the winner is….

And to end, some new ones, old ones and returning ones.

Madame Mooton Funeral Details

HHHi all,

Clare/Madame Mooton’s funeral is going to be Wednesday 22 August at 16:30 – (to be confirmed with the protestant minister) so please put that date in your diaries.

The service will be held at the same crematorium as CoCo’s funeral.


There is no dress code so come in bright Hash clothing or formal as you prefer.

Please send anything you would like adding to the memory book being  compiled to Contessa

This can be some photos or a just a few lines about Clare/Madame Mooton.



Memory Book for Madame Mooton

Mme Mooton SanremoHHHi All,

As per Madame Mooton’s wishes, Contessa is going to compile a memory book consisting of photos and stories about her.

So, if you have any photos or have any stories about Clare/Madame Mooton that you would be happy to be included, please send them to Contessa at her email address below


Please note, please send these as quickly as possible as the service will likely take place next week.



More Late Hashes?

HHHi all,For those of you who missed it, Contessa (and Padre’s) Hash started at 14.30 on Sunday.I’d like to get the views of the group whether we should have more ‘late runs’ or not?We have Hashed later in the day previously during summer but stopped because it became hard to find restaurants according to Farty Bum.Please vote by clicking below. Vote Here!I’ve had some feedback already along the lines of:– starting later gives me a free Sunday morning – starting later means running in the hottest part of the dayNB I think the morning starts are necessary for the winter months as we lose the light. OnOn!Cumalot

Radio Stars…


HHHi All,


Mark Dezzani, our DJ for the 30th Anniversary, has mentioned us on his radio Caroline podcast!

You can hear the snippet here:-

MP3 Download

The full podcast can be found here:-

Mark Dezzani Radio Caroline Podcast

It’s two hours of an eclectic mix of music from the 60’s to today, give it a listen, it makes a good change from Riviera Radios playlist